Why Inteq

Your Development At Inteq

At Inteq we know our success depends upon you. We provide career development opportunities, leadership, professional and business skills training and have a global Learning and Development team which enables us to deliver our customers’ needs.
We believe in continuous learning and have created specific development tools to help you to realise your full potential.

Advancing Your Career

Our customers experience change at a rapidly increasing pace. That makes it critical that we have the agility, to change quickly to adapt to their needs. We need our employees to create the best products and solutions for our clients. So you’ll constantly find new and different opportunities for advancement and career development at Invensys.

Inteq’s Performance Management System

We know that realising potential is not a solo effort, so we have developed a Performance Management System as a frame work for defining and achieving your career goals. It allows us to focus on the skills and behaviours of our employees as they deliver their objectives and results throughout the year. It ensures we can support development and growth in the areas that will help you – and us – maximize performance.