Project Execution

Executing successful projects is what Inteq has done for more than 20 years. Our Intelligent Engineering approach provides unique differentiation and strong risk reduction for our projects. From relatively small projects to large, Inteq applies consistent rigor, management and engineering to protect your investment and deliver results with reduced risk. These efforts will benefit from the disciplines, proven methodology, and resources available.

  • Your most valuable asset — your people — are empowered by the knowledge transfer they receive every step of the way from Invensys consultants.
  • Your projects will benefit from a proven, world-class methodology and adaptable project execution framework tailored to Control and Information Management Systems projects in the Industrial Automation space.
  • Our highly trained Project Managers provide key stakeholders with visibility throughout the duration of the project by providing project status and an audit trail to help reduce risk and control scope, budget and schedule.
  • Inteq has more than 20years of automation history of engineers and technical specialists with practical experience in most industries and situations.
  • Our project execution capabilities leverage a unique “Intelligent Engineering” approach that integrates system design with a powerful toolset that helps reduce project risk, accelerate delivery and lower costs.
  • Ensures that projects are consistently delivered to the highest levels of quality by leveraging integrated workflows and rigorous risk reduction methods.