Profit Optimization

Today’s primary opportunity to create business value at the plant level is to reduce the variable costs of the operation which, in most heavy industries, are predominantly energy and material costs. In essence, the primary business objectives for most plants are to maximize production value while minimizing energy and material costs.

To bring real time business variables under control, the first step is to create the measures in the five areas identified above and present them in real-time to provide the necessary actionable information at all levels of the organization. Once measured and visualized, automated actions can be implemented through Invensys’ enterprise control solution. With these two core solution elements in place, you can now focus on optimizing the profitability, where this can be applied to a single plant area, across an entire plant or across the enterprise.

  • Empowered workforce.
  • Value created is sustainable over time.
  • Multi-objective profit optimization.
  • Patented methodology and technology for real-time measurement and control.
  • Proven business value consulting team with extensive industry experience.
  • Powerful enterprise manufacturing intelligence tools for visualization and communication.
  • Full range of asset, energy and production performance solutions.