People Effectiveness

People effectiveness is recognized as one of the foremost contributors to bottom-line performance for industrial operations, safely delivering the highest possible availability, reliability and throughput. At the same time, there are a number of significant challenges - including the loss of critical knowledge as experienced personnel leave the organization through retirement or restructuring, the scarcity of new engineering resources in the marketplace, increased complexity of the operation and increased risk in terms of environmental, health and safety considerations as we push our operations closer and closer to the safe operating limits.

Inteq provides a wide range of solutions aimed at ensuring that your limited resources are focused on the ultimate goal – delivering improved production value. We begin by eliminating the distractions that People traditionally face manual control of process loops and tuning/optimization of those same loops. With the distractions eliminated, we focus on true effectiveness by enhancing people’s skills and knowledge.

  • Improved availability and reliability.
  • Improved production value & Safety.
  • Knowledge capture and transfer.
  • Powerful training technology.
  • Proven global expertise – solution design, implementation and ongoing improvements.
  • Integration with existing systems.