Company Message

Industry Message from the Director

The automation industry in which we exist, we, at Inteq, don’t look at it as a platform of merchandise, rather we take it as our mother land. Our company was born here years ago and has been growing ever since. Inteq is not a company; it is a citizen that offers services in the realm of Automation Industry.

When you work on something for 30 years, it’s no longer your profession; it becomes a way of your life. This is exactly what had happened to me. This automation service experience eventually turned to be a corner stone for “Inteq Automation Services (P) Ltd”. We serve machinery to several of our clients and thus become a part of what they build with it. We feel proudly blessed to be a part of this; because with solutions that we supply, we’re getting a chance at working our hands in creating the future, along with our clients.

So, come, join us. Let’s work together in creating the future of this ever evolving world of ours.

   Founder & Managing Director

CEO’s Message

An industry is not just an economic factor that produces turnover, but a lot more than that. It is an arena for people involved in it to engage with their counterparts and replicate a world in its own sense. We at Inteq are proud to have been producing such opportunities for numerous people along the years of our organization’s incumbency.

An engineering organization is an integral part of a society’s advancements in the field of technical development. Inteq feels the honor and pride in the kind of work we produce with our esteemed employeesand respected competitors.

In these times of need for country’s industrial renovations, once again, we proclaim our message and motto of working as brethren in this engineering industry for building a better future for various industrial domains that we partner with.