Make of Instrument used

The below listed are few Products and their Make’s that Inteq uses commonly in their Automation Process.

Product Make of the instrument
Sensors Sensorex, Sensotronics, Yokogawa
Transmitters Rosemount, E&H, Yokogawa, Precision
Flow Meters Yokogawa, E&H, Khrohne Marshall
Indicators & Totalizes Precision, Yokogawa
Auto- Manual Stations Precision
Signal Isolators Precision
Alarm Units Precision
Controllers Yokogawa, Eurotherm, Precession, Honeywell
PLC Allen-Bradley, Siemens, GE-Fanuc, Yokogawa, Modicon, Messung
DCS Siemens, Yokogawa
AC Variable Frequency Drives Siemens, Danfoss
DC Drives Siemens, Control Techniques
Recorders Yokogawa, Precision
Data Loggers / Scanners Precision, Masibus, Manas, Accsys
l/P Converters Forbes Marshall, MTL
Air Filter Regulators Shavo Norgren, Placka, Janatics
Control Valves R.K. Control, Fouress Engineering, Introl, MIL Control, Dembla
Pressure Reducing Valves R.K. Control, Introl, Darling Muesco, Fouress Engineering, MIL Controls, Dembla
Safety Valves Darling Muesco, Tyco-Sanmar, Frinzer Lesser
Isolating & Bypass Valves KSB, BDK, Audio, Leader
Power Cylinders Schrader-Duncan, Electro-Pneumatic, Rotex, Jana tics.
Solenoid Valves Rotex, Jana tics, Schrader-Duncan
Pumps Kirloskar, KSB
Motors Kirloskar, Crompton Greaves Siemens
Air Compressors Ingersoll-Rand, Elge
Air Dryers Gem, Southwest Compressors
Control Panels Precision
Printers Cannon, HP, Wipro, TVS
UPS American Power Corporation
Cables Finolex, Polycab, Thermo pads, CCI