L.T Switch Gear Products

The below listed are few Products and their Make’s that Inteq uses commonly in their Automation Process.

Description of the Product Make of the instrument
ACB, MCCB, MPCB Siemens / l& T / Schneider Merlin Gerin
Switch, Contactor, Overload Relay Siemens / l&T/ Schneider
Fuse Siemens / l& T / Cooper Bussmann
Timer Siemens / GIC / EAPL
Current Transformer Kalpa
Ammeter, Voltmeter, Frequency meter Meco
Indicating lamps, Pushbuttons Siemens / S.B / Vaishno /Technical
Voltmeter Selector Switch, Ammeter Selector Switch Salzer / Kaycee / Vaishno
Control Transformer Ravi Electrical/ Starlite
Capacitor (loose) Capcos / Naptune Ducati / L&T Seva
APFC Relay Naptune Ducati / Capcos / Synetron
Connectors Elemex / Jainson / Connectwell
Auto Transformer Starlite/Ravi Electrical
Slip ring (Rotor controller) PEW / Technomics
MCB Siemens/ Merlin Gerin Protec / Legerand