EHS Policy

Inteq's mission is to sustain and enhance the wealth-generating capacity of its portfolio of businesses in a progressively globalizing environment. The trusteeship role related to social and environmental resources, aligned to the pursuit of economic objectives, is the cornerstone of Inteq's Environment, Health and Safety philosophy. Inteq's EHS philosophy cognizes for the twin needs of conservation and creation of productive resources.

Inteq is, committed to conducting its operations with due regard for the environment, and providing a safe and healthy workplace for each employee. The external recognition further reinforces the need to direct the collective Endeavour of the Company's employees at all levels towards sustaining and continuously improving standards of Environment, Health and Safety in a bid to attain and exceed benchmarked standards, whether regulatory or otherwise.

In particular, it is Inteq's EHS policy -

  • To contribute to sustainable development through the establishment and implementation of environment standards that are scientifically tested and meet the requirement of relevant laws, regulations and codes of practice.
  • To take account of environment, occupational health and safety in planning and decision-making.
  • To provide appropriate training and disseminate information to enable all employees to accept individual responsibility for Environment, Health and Safety, implement best practices, and work in partnership to create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • To instil a sense of duty in every employee towards personal safety, as well as that of others who may be affected by the employee's actions.
  • To provide and maintain facilities, equipment, operations and working conditions which are safe for employees, visitors and contractors at the Company's premises.
  • To ensure safe handling, storage, use and disposal of all substances and materials that are classified as hazardous to health and environment.
  • To reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote recycling of materials wherever possible.
  • To proactively share information with business partners towards inculcating world-class EHS standards across the value chain of which Inteq is a part.

All employees of Inteq are expected to adhere to and comply with the EHS Policy and Corporate Standards on EHS.

Inteq's EHS Policy extends to all sites of the Company. It will be the overall responsibility of the Divisional Chief Executives, through the members of their Divisional Management Committees, General Managers and Unit Heads, to ensure implementation of this Policy and Corporate Standards on EHS, including formation of various committees and designating individuals for specific responsibilities in respect of their Division